A great team is vital for success.


We're happy to have a fantastic team, where everybody is an expert in his own area. From horse groom to office work, everything is important for good results.

Severo Jurado Lopez

is the owner and founder of "Jurado Dressage", but most important he's the rider and trainer of the horses. He spends almost all day in the saddle. 

Annika Damrau

is the owner and founder of "Jurado Dressage" and takes care of general organization and administration, as well as keeping a close eye on all human and animal needs.  

Line Thestrup Clausen

is our competition groom and assists with many tasks that arise at home. With her many years of experience and love for the animals, she's an important asset to our team. 



Manuel Marin Gracia 

is a groom at Jurado Dressage. He helps to get the horses ready before and after training, takes them to the field and paddock, does feeding, and many more tasks. He is also training our own young horses and makes them familiar with the equipment and a rider. He's very calm, yet resolute. Which is a perfect combination to give every horse a good feeling and a confident beginning. His dream is to become a dressage rider and we're glad to help him on his way.  

Hege Lysaker

 supports the team with everything that is necessary and keeps the facility clean and in good condition. She's always in a good mood. 


chief trainer


waste manager


head of security