Severo & Civitas 2007

Severo was born and grew up in rural South-Spain (Andalucia). He has been in the saddle almost before he could walk. His grandfather has a farm with a few horses and Severo spent as much time there as possible. He taught Severo all horsemanship basics. In this time it was not so much about dressage, but about classical Spanish riding. Severo's first horse was a PRE gelding and his name was Primero. His grandfather bred him and he was really sweet. Severo could ride him and he learnt a lot about basics from him.


"I was not really good at school and when I was there, I just thought about riding in the afternoon. It was clear for me that my future must be with horses." says Severo. When he finished school, he worked one summer for some breeders, to get more experience. He also applied for an education in Ronda at the RMR. They luckily accepted him and he went there from age 18-21. That was a big change in his life, because there he started to ride dressage. After riding European Championships (Young Rider) with the horse Civitas, owned by the school, and finishing the school, he came to Germany to work and train with Jan Nivelle. It was important for Severo, to come out of Spain and to the center of dressage. Always eager about becoming a better rider. His next step was to work for Anne & Gertjan van Olst in the Netherlands. Severo worked hard and many hours, but he had a great success with their young stallions as well as with some older horses and he has learned a lot. Severo moved then on to Helgstrand Dressage in Denmark, to once again become a better rider and get more experience. For a total of 7 years Severo worked at Helgstrand Dressage and could celebrate many successes.

Annika was born in Germany (North-Rhine-Westphalia). From a non horsey background she started riding aged 10 at the local riding school. Spending all her free time at the yard and trying to learn as much about horses as she could. Horses have always been very important to her, but she wanted them as a hobby. After finishing school, she took a gap year and worked in a stable near by. It was there were she and Severo got to know each other. Annika decided to make a 3-years education in Real Estate. Once she successfully completed the education it was time to move to Denmark to be together with Severo. 


Annika Feb. 1995

In 2020 Severo and Annika decided that it is time for the next step and they established their own stable and business "Jurado Dressage", which they run independently. They're taking care of and training dressage horses with focus on the horses individual needs and well-being, while bringing all their potential out. 


It's important to be a good horseman (-woman) as well as a good rider. We have to know our horses inside out and give them the best possible care at home and at competitions. Creating a quiet environment with a daily routine to train and perform as efficiently as possible. We love our life with the closeness to the horses (and many other animals) and we're convinced that this helps us in the sport.

Severo's greatest successes

  • 2015 World Champion of young Dressage Horses with Fiontini
  • 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro with Lorenzo (individual 5th place & Team 7th place)
  • 2016 World Champion of young Dressage Horses with Fiontini
  • 2017 World Champion of young Dressage Horses with Fiontini
  • 2017 European Championships in Gothenburg with Deep Impact (12th place individual)
  • 2018 World Champion of young Dressage Horses with D'Avie
  • 2018 WEG in Tryon with Deep Impact (15th place individual /GP)
  • 2019 World Champion of young Dressage Horses with D'Avie
  • 2021 Olympics in Tokyo with Fendi T (7th place with the team)



Severo has always been eager to learn as much as he can, and he still tries to find improvements while watching or talking with other riders/trainers. His great experience with different horses of all levels helps him to get the best out of every horse.

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