PRE stallion Viento new in the stable


It is with excitement, that we welcomed Viento to our stable. The 6 years old PRE is a particularly talented young stallion and we're looking forward to develop him into the sport. He has three excellent basic gaits and is incredibly sweet, already the kids favorite. 


We're more than happy that we could secure this stallion for the future and would like to thank the co-owner Anne Single for her trust. 





Zavier licensed at Trakehner Association


Zavier *2021 by Millennium x Okavango x Tuareg


Our Trakehner stallion "Zavier" performed very well at the Trakehner licensing in Neumünster and got therefore licensed. He has three great and balanced gaits, and he was also able to impress the jury and the audience with his calm yet focused manner and his willingness to perform. We're proud to own such a talented young horse and we're already excited to develop him in the future. 


Congratulations to his breeders "Stutteri Egedahl (DK)", for choosing the right stallion for your mare and to produce such a special horse. A big thank you goes to "Stutteri Springborg (DK)" for the preparation and the age-appropriate presentation of our young star.




Kingston winning CDI1* in Poland


This weekend Kingston had his international competition debut with over 71%, it was a nice and focused round. Nevertheless he needs more routine and strength, which we will slowly build up. "He's a special horse" says Severo. Kingston is owned by Solyst Heste from Denmark and we're very thankful and happy to be on this journey together. 



Fuerstenglory OLD


Freddy was honored with the OLD suffix. Because of his great performance on Grand Prix Level and his participation at the European Championship.

What an honor and also a great success in his first year on this level. 



Jurado Dressage now in Germany


It's been two weeks since the big move. It was very exciting and tiring, but everything went perfectly. People and animals seem to feel already very comfortable. We are all very happy to have taken this step and are looking forward to the future. 


New address: 

Kanalstr. 170

48477 Hörstel





Wonderful European Championship in Riesenbeck (05.-10.09.2023)


Freddy and Severo were part of the Spanish team for the European Championships. It was a very hot weekend but we all really enjoyed our time. It was fantastic and exciting Dressage sport to watch. Freddy and Severo showed a great, harmonious Grand Prix in which unfortunately there were mistakes in the series of changes. Nevertheless, Severo was very satisfied because Freddy gave him a focused, willing and combative feeling. After all, it is only his first season at this level. But it can continue like this!



Spain qualified a team for the Olympics in Paris 2024


During the European Championships in Riesenbeck, the biggest and most important goal was to qualify a team for Paris. The Spanish team succeeded in this.

We are proud that Freddy and Severo helped with this and will do everything we can to be part of the Olympic Team next year.



Jurado Dressage moves to Germany


On 15/09 Jurado Dressage will move the business and all horses to Germany, into the barn of family Moellers in Riesenbeck. The new facility includes 20 big boxes, 20x60 indoor, big outdoor, walker, fields, paddocks, ... in a pleasant environment. Much more close to competitions and trainers, this will be a benefit for everyone. 

No deterioration in the management of the horses, as everything remains in our hands. This guarantees the good quality, high standard and relaxed atmosphere.


The people from Denmark will be missed, but the plan is to visit regularly and keep up the good friendships and relations. In Germany the team is excited to meet old friends again, but also to meet new people and begin exciting collaborations. 


A very exciting step that the entire team is already looking forward to.



Freddy & Severo selected for European Championship (Riesenbeck (GER) 05.-10.09.2023)


It is with the utmost joy that we have been informed that Severo and Freddy have been chosen to represent the Spanish team at the European Championships. It's a great honour, reward and recognition of the hard work and the good and consistent results this year. Severo and Freddy along with the rest of the fantastic team will give their all to achieve the important Olympic qualification for next year.


For Freddy it is his first championship, for Severo it will already be the third European Championships in which he is participating.

The Team:

- Daniel Martín Dockx & Malagueño LXXXIII

- Alejandro Sánchez del Barco & Quincallo de Indalo 

- Juan Antonio Jimenez & Euclides MOR 

- Severo Jurado Lopez & Fuerstenglory

Success in Sweden (Falsterbo)

Falsterbo is always a fantastic competition and simply a celebration of Equestrian sport. Severo was selected for the CDIO4* with Freddy, to represent Spain. Because Kentucky is in great shape, we decided to bring him along for the CDI1*. 


Freddy and Severo showed a delightful Grand Prix and scored 72.304% and that was the 6th place in a quiet strong starting field. Everyone was happy about this performance and motivated for the GP Special the next day. Unfortunately the warm up wasn't ideal and Severo couldn't prepare him perfectly. The Special was still okay, but they lacked a bit and that certain something to be completely satisfied. In the end it was 68,936% and the 7th place. After a short disappointment, we remembered what a great horse Freddy is and that it was only his second GPS. He is so nice and always a joy at the shows.


But now to Kentucky, who outdid himself at this show. Things went wonderfully in the PSG and Severo and the team noticed that he was in great shape and that he was on his way to set a new personal best. But on the penultimate diagonal (at the changes) Kentucky was frightened by the corner and lost his concentration. Severo had never experienced that he was startled, so it was a small surprise. Unfortunately, the points dropped a lot and it was 69.412%. The next day was free for training and the two looked at the arena and the special corner in peace. That training and renewed confidence paid off the following day in the Inter I. Now they could really show their potential and presented a harmonious ride that was rewarded with 72.559% and that was the win. "I'm very proud of Kentucky" tells Severo "best of all, he's always a little better in the arena than outside warming up."



World Ranking

Freddy is now in the Top 50 of the Dressage World Ranking (for horses competing CDI3* and above). He's currently placed 49 (previously 220). What a little superstar, specially because his first CDI3* was in March 2023. 


We're all very excited how his journey will continue. 



Busy weekend at the national show at Kirstineholm (DK)

Not less than five horses, were competed by Severo at the national competition last weekend.

We attended this show already last year and found it well organized, with great footing and a super learning experience for the horses. Therefore we decided to bring many younger or less experienced horses with us and to give them a great adventure. 


All horses did a great job and improved and settled down over the weekend. Everyone came home very tired, but satisfied and with lots of ribbons and placings.



CDI Wiesbaden (GER)

With Freddy Severo had the privilege to compete, for the first time ever, at the prestigious competition in front of the castle in Wiesbaden. It was a fantastic show, well organized and a great atmosphere. Lots of public and things going on, but Freddy loved it and was certain that the loud applause on his last centerline, which came over from the jumping arena, was already for him. Severo said that he could feel him enjoying the crowd and he was very pleased with his performance. He's learning and getting better from show to show.

CDI Compiegne (FR)

Freddy and Severo were chosen by the Spanish Federation (RFHE) to compete the CDIO Compiegne in the Spanish Team. It's always a great honour and pleasure.  Compiegne is a beautiful show with best conditions, so the joy was great. 

Freddy did a super job and made in the GP a new personal best score of 73%. 

Severo also brought Womaniser for the 3* along, but he was acting strange and stressed when they arrived and the team and owners decided that he should not compete, but only take in the impressions without pressure. 

For the small tour Kentucky and Severo were in great shape and scored in PSG 71,2% (4th) and in Inter I 68,2% (9th) with some mistakes. 

Severo was happy about the horses and even though that Womaniser didn't compete, he thought it was a great learning experience for him. Great sport and atmosphere which gives a lot of inspiration and motivation for the next weeks... 




CDI Tolbert (NL)

Freddy, Womaniser and Jacob competed the CDI Tolbert.


For Womaniser it was the international debut and we're super proud how he showed himself and how much he has developed since he came to Jurado Dressage, about one yar ago. In GP he scored 67,5% and in the GPS 67,7%.

Freddy had some errors in the GP test and didn't have his best round, he scored 71,6%. In the Freestyle Severo and Freddy were back at their best and they showed a harmonious, yet powerful test, which was judged with 78,5% and rewarded first place.

Jacob competed in the small tour and it was also his first international competition. He coped well with the difficult atmosphere and scored 69,4% in PSG, which was the 2. place.   



National competition in Aarhus

To Aarhus Severo took 3 horses for the national competition. It was Jacob in the PSG (he got 5th with 71%) and Raquel and Womanizer in the Grand Prix. For Raquel it was the debut on that level and she scored 67,8% with a few mistakes and unexperienced after a longer competition break, but also with many highlights which are making everyone excited about the future. Womanizer showed a smooth test and scored a bit over 70%, which was the 3rd place for him. 



New Truck

Today the new truck was picked up at Absolut Trucks.


Very exciting and everyone is already looking forward to the next show. Especially Line, who can finally drive a truck.



First Prix St George for Kingston

Severo took 7-year-old Kingston up a notch and showed him in PSG. Always exciting when you wear the tailcoat for the first time on a horse. He did very well in his debut and won the class. "He always tries his best!" Severo said. 



International debut for Freddy in s'Hertogenbosch (NL)

During the Indoor Brabant (Dutch Masters) Severo competed Freddy succesfull in the CDI3*. In the Grand Prix they scored 72,283% (4th place). Severo was pleased about how well Freddy coped with this atmosphere. During the freestyle they had two costly mistakes in the changes which dropped the score massively to just above 75%. They reached again the 4th place. All in all we are more than satisfied with the weekend and Severo reports that it was a fantastic event to attend. 



National competition in Hjallerup (DK)

Severo showed Jacob in the PSG and Womaniser in the GP. It is a great show and very near to our stable. Jacob won the class and showed a great test. Womaniser had some small errors here and there and didn't show himself as we hoped. Nevertheless Severo was happy about both horses and it was convenient to give them more routine during competitions.



Motivating Spanish Team Training

Two days of training with Spanish Team Trainer and 5* Judge Francis Verbeek at Jurado Dressage. Severo trained his GP and upcoming horses with Francis and Cristian Tudela Ruiz has joined them with his horse as well. Great to have such an experienced woman on the ground. We're grateful to the Spanish Federation (RFHE) to make this possible and to receive this support. 



Dahoud moved to Austria

It is with mixed feelings that we announce the sale of Dahoud. It's always difficult to let go one of our horses, but together with his owners (Jenny & Karli Nagel) we decided that it's the right moment and most important the right buyer. Dahoud was purchased by Diana Porsche and they fitted immediately very well together. Diana is very ambitious yet caring and we're sure that we will see this pair a lot in the future. 


We wish all the best for Dahoud and Diana and want to thank all involved people. 


Celine moving on to new adventures

After almost 2 years of working at Jurado Dressage and living in Denmark, it was time for Celine to start a new adventure. We will for sure miss her, but the whole team wishes her all the best on her next steps. 



Super Sunday

Severo rode Freddy and Womaniser in the Grand Prix at the local show at Hjallerup Rideklub (DK). 

The first one to go was Freddy (Fürstenglory). He scored 72,6% and won the class. He had mistakes in the one-tempies and in one pirouette, but specially the beginning of the test looked outstanding. 

Womaniser had his Grand Prix debut and scored 71,2%, which earned the second place. It was a good, but clearly inexperienced test. Severo says about him: " He has so much power, I'm excited to keep developing him."



Competition on Friday night, what else!?

Celine mounted Fontainebleau and showed an effortless test. The judges rewarded this smooth performance with 73,4% and the first place in M-level. 

Severo brought "Be A Womaniser" along for his first Inter II. He's still a bit green in those lines, but Severo loved the feeling and the power that this little chestnut gives him. They scored 70%, which was also the win. 



Merry Christmas

Jurado Dressage wishes all our friends, family, clients and sponsors a Merry Christmas. Thanks for the support throughout the year and the great memories we could make together. 

We're enjoying some calm Christmas days and getting ready for 2023, with new motivation and goals. 


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! xxx

Smashing results for Fürstenglory and Womaniser

For the last competition of 2022, Severo and the horses went to a local show in Silkeborg (DK). He showed Freddy (Fürstenglory) in Grand Prix and had a really nice round. They scored 73,9% and won the class. Severo also showed Womaniser for the first time. He's a 12 years old gelding by Blickpunkt. They did a nice PSG and scored just over 70%, which got them the first place. Womaiser was a bit unfocused though, since he was missing his travel- & stable friend Freddy, and was calling for him throughout the test. 



Fürstenglory has successfully made his debut in Grand Prix

On Saturday Severo rode Fürstenglory at a national Grand Prix in Aalborg (DK). They both didn't really seem to find each other,  so there was no perfect harmony. On Sunday than Severo adjusted the warm up and it went very well for the Equipage during the Grand Prix Special. They could win the class and end the weekend in a very happy way.  



Celine and Freddy in good shape

Due to Severo's absence (giving a clinic in Stuttgart), Celine had to mount Freddy and compete him in order to get his second local competition result, which will allow him to compete national.

Certainly not an easy task. With only two training sessions, Celine mastered it with ease and gave Freddy an other super competition experience and much more than the needed score. They achieved 76,5% on M-Level and the first place. Surely a nice day for Celine and the whole team. 



Promising competition debut for Fürstenglory & Severo

Last weekend Severo took the pretty Fürstenglory to a competition on Intermediare II level. He behaved routinely and won the class with over 74%. 

Fürstenglory is a gelding by Fürstenball x Rohdiamant and born in 2011. His owner Juliette Ramel trusted us with the training of this great horse, and we're excited what the future brings. 



Very successful weekend at   CDI Zakrzow (POL)

Severo competed Fontainebleau in the CDI2* PSG and could win the class with over 72%. They showed a pretty and error-free test. 

The second horse he brought along was Dahoud. He exceeded the expectations in his World Cup debut and finished second in the Grand Prix and Grand Prix Freestyle, behind only Ingrid Klimke and Franziskus. In the freestyle they scored over 78% and one judge even ranked him number one. 



Good results and pleasant riding at the Danish Young Horse Championship

At the beautiful Blue Hors, where the championship was held, Severo showed the 4-year-old Quantico (by Quaterhit) and the 6-year-old Kingston (by Franziskus). Celine presented homebred 7-year-old Karla (by Don Deluxe). The young horses showed up well and trained according to their age. It was a great experience for them. Kingston won the small final (B final). Beautiful riding and an adequate warm up was shown by us. About the results and judging we don't always have to agree in Dressage, it's important that we still believe in our horses and won't change them for anyone else. Congratulations to the winners and all other riders. It's a great success to qualify for this. 



3 Horses qualified for the Danish Young Horse Championship in October

During the semi-final in Grindsted, Severo qualified 4yo Quantico and 6yo Kingston for the final. Celine showed Karla delightfully and also got a spot for the 7yo final, that will be held at Blue Hors in mid-October. 



Essie & Gloria rewarded with silver & bronze medal from Danish Warmblood

Our two young mares were awarded at the Danish Warmblood Elite-Mare Show in Herning. Toni showed both very well and according to their age. 4yo Gloria received the bronze medal and 3yo Essie received the silver medal. 


Springborg's Essie: Quaterhit x Jazz 

Gloria: Revolution x Apache x Gribaldi 



Changed Summer Plans - Severo injured

Everything ready to go to CDIO Falsterbo in beautiful Sweden, but all plans had to change when Severo broke his leg. The doctors are certain that it will only take a few weeks, but that means a little summer break instead of competition schedule.



Double victory for Severo and Dahoud

During the weekend Severo and Dahoud successfully competed in Grand Prix and Grand Prix Special at Kirstinelund Horse Festival (DK), winning both classes with scores above 71%. 




Quantico, Bella & Kingston qualified for semifinals

Severo presented Quantico and Kingston at the qualifier for the Danish Young Horse Championship in Billund. Both horses did a great job and achieved the goal of qualifying for the semifinals. Toni showed a great test with the mare Bella Ciao and also qualified for the semi-finals.